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Stress affects more than your emotional health; it has very real effects on your physical wellness, too. Proper stress management can ward off disease, including hypertension and adrenal fatigue. Dr. Taylor and her highly-skilled team help patients learn stress-reduction techniques to help minimize stress-induced physical ailments that negatively affect your quality of life.

Stress Management Q & A

Why is stress problematic?

Stress puts your body into overdrive. Your heart works harder, you might feel your breath come slightly faster, and your hormones — particularly cortisol and adrenaline — pump out at higher-than-normal rates.

In addition, stress makes it so your body can’t shut down and repair. Sleep may be interrupted and your psychological state is in constant alert — you never get to relax.
Stress can also drive you to make poor lifestyle choices, like eating too much, drinking, and smoking. When you feel stressed you may skip exercise and sleep poorly.

What counts as stress?

Big life events, such as moving, a death in the family, bankruptcy, or a divorce, are obvious stressors. But small events can cause compounding stress that’s just as impactful. Day-to-day issues with your home, job, family, or social situations pile up to tax your adrenal system, rev your heart rate, and cause low-grade inflammation.

How can I manage stress?

Stress-reduction techniques include lifestyle makeovers. This might be as simple as delegating tasks at home so you’re responsible for less. You may also teach yourself that it’s OK to say “no” to extra assignments at work or extracurricular activities, such as the PTA or church bake sale.

Dr. Taylor can offer guidance as to exercise, nutrition, meditation, and hormone therapy, that has a proven effect on reducing stress.

What health problems can stress cause?

In addition to heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, high stress levels may contribute to gastrointestinal disorders, depression, and chronic headaches. Being overstressed can accelerate aging and weight gain, too.

How does stress contribute to adrenal fatigue?

Stress can contribute to adrenal fatigue, a condition in which your adrenal glands work at suboptimal levels. These glands, located just above your kidneys, produce a number of hormones, including the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. When you’re subject to too much stress, the adrenals are forced to work overtime and this can lead to adrenal fatigue. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue include feelings of burnout, overwhelming fatigue, insomnia, and headaches. Both men and women are subject to this condition.