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What can I expect as a New Patient?

All of our new patients start with an hour-long comprehensive initial consultation with Dr. Julie Taylor. During this initial visit, the doctor will listen to you and your concerns, review your health history, family history, medications and supplements, and take the time to understand your personal health goals. Ultimately, you are the source of the information the provider needs to support your health and wellbeing.

After your initial consultation, your provider will recommend testing that will give her the most comprehensive insight into what your body needs to feel better. Once this testing is complete, we will see you back for a 30-minute follow-up where all of your results will be explained, and a customized health treatment plan will be developed for you. Dr. Taylor will explain all of your treatment options and will work with you to develop a plan that you are comfortable with and will generate the best and most sustainable results.

How often should I expect to be seen?

Our patients can expect to be seen back every 6-12 weeks in the initial year of treatment and to repeat testing every 3-6 months. This guarantees that you are achieving optimal levels in all aspects of your health and that your treatment plan is the most up-to-date for your needs.


What is your Insurance Policy?

Julie Taylor MD Center for Functional Medicine does not work directly with insurance and bills their patients at the end of their appointment. Our office is more than happy to create a superbill for you which is a document you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement rates are dependent on your insurance provider and specific plan, so our office cannot make a guarantee on what you may get back. If you have any further questions about our insurance policy, you are always welcome to reach out to our office.



To schedule an appointment our office requires a $50 deposit. This deposit will be applied to your first visit here at Julie Taylor MD Center for Functional Medicine.

Cost of testing is dependent upon the patient’s unique needs and what Dr. Julie Taylor recommends. We encourage our patients to use their insurance for lab work. If the patient does not have insurance or has a plan that will not cover out-of-network labs, then they may pay for their labs through our office as we receive a discounted rate with Quest Diagnostics.

Treatments, including bioidentical hormones and vitamin/supplement recommendations, are purchased by the patient outside of our office.

Dr. Julie Taylor Initial 60-minute Consultation: $495

Physician 30-minute Follow-up: $195

Pellet Therapy (Female): $500

Pellet Therapy (Male): $800

Functional Nutritionist Initial consultation 90 minutes: $225

Functional Nutritionist 60 minute follow up: $150

PRP Facial: $750   
(Save 20% when you purchase 3 for $1800)

PRP Hair Treatment: $850   
(Save 20% when you purchase 3 for $2,050)

IV Vitamin Infusions: Please refer to our IV Therapy page for a list of services and pricing



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